Fiona Buckley Media is a company I started that specializes in videography, video editing, and photography. I’m known and recognized for making creative videos about people expressing their truth.


I’m great at capturing the candid moments of people living out their passions, whether it be skateboarding, cliff diving, roaming the outdoors, climbing, running, the flow arts, or real estate. 


Evoking emotion and pushing the envelope is what sets me apart from other creators. I like it when I’m done with a project and I watch it 30 times over just because it gives me goosebumps.


What I’m most proud of is that I’ve stayed true to the art that fulfills me and I keep rediscovering it everyday, while always being tenacious enough to continue to grow. It’s most rewarding when my work attracts people who share the same joys that I do and we share that joy in a collaborated project.

Please email me for bookings and commissions. Thanks for your interest in my work.